life coach



Last year instead of losing 15lbs, I gained 15 lbs , When I was introduced to this program I was open to giving it a try.  Instead of paying attention to calories, it was paying attention to my thoughts.  I followed the plan and was thrilled to see the scale go down 7 llbs in 6 weeks!  Our weekly calls were encouraging and fun, and it helped me to understand myself better .  Not only do I feel more positive about relationship with food and eating, and that my weight loss goals are achievable, but I also feel more positive about relationships with those around me and my business. -Ruth

The Jumpstart work helped me see and change habits I didn’t even know I had that were keeping me  from being at my ideal weight. Now I understand that my scale is just a piece of metal. Mindfulness and conscious eating are key. -Lynn

I really loved having a workbook that asked the hard questions some of us don’t want to face. The weekly coaching calls kept me connected to the program even when I was traveling in Poland, Korea, and Singapore. -Karen




I'm no different from you. I traveled for business during my 15 years with a major airline followed by 20 years as a trainer in the high-tech industry. Whether I was in Atlanta or Auckland,  I agonized over what to eat, worrying what suit would fit this month and wondering why if I was so smart, how come I couldn't lose weight. 

I bought every new diet book, subscribed to nutritional newsletters,and  joined established diet programs. The problem was I couldn't keep off the weight I lost.  Resisting urges to overeat was like holding a beach ball underwater.  Eventually you are exhausted and the ball pops up higher than it was before.  

When I started my LIfe Coach practice, I became my first client. I was able to lose 40 lbs and have maintained that for over two years. 

Once you see that you can consciously take responsibility for your food choices and never, ever beat yourself up for making a mistake, losing weight becomes an easier, more natural process.